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Pension crisis-Green Party to support strike rally

Bernard Little, Co-Chair of Sheffield Green Party, comments :

“We support the rights of groups of workers to strike if they feel that their pay, pensions, health and safety are under threat. The strikes and the demonstrations will draw attention to the wider attack on public services and the people who depend on them. We support protest against unfairness and policies which undermine the NHS, education and social services. We deplore the public sector cuts implemented by the Conservative led government and their impact on vulnerable groups. Cuts in social services, benefits, primary schools and children’s centre budgets really hurt lower income groups, pensioners, women and children. Plus carers and those in low-paid temporary work. ”

He continued : “There is a growing income gap in Britain. The Green Party is committed to creating a fair and just society and not transferring wealth from the poor to the rich.”

Sheffield Greens will be supporting the rally on Thursday.The march assembles at the Peace Gardens 12 noon and rally 1pm Barkers Pool.


Commenting ahead of the public sector strikes across the country tomorrow, Brighton Pavilion MP and leader of the Green party of England and Wales, Caroline Lucas, said:

“Many teachers and other public sector workers have contacted me over the past week to express hope that striking wouldn’t be necessary – that the Prime Minister would start taking their pension concerns seriously. Sadly the Coalition Government’s relentless attack on this country’s public servants has left them with no choice.

“We know that public sector pensions are affordable – this is really about piling the UK’s debt burden onto the people who did the least to create it. I believe that fair pensions are worth fighting for, so I will be joining the picket lines in solidarity with my constituents who have been abandoned by the other main Westminster parties.

“This isn’t something I do lightly. I regret the disruption caused by industrial action and think it must only be used in special circumstances – and would urge trade unions to work hard to ensure support from the wider public.

“Yet when teachers are being expected to pay 50% more in pension contributions, work longer and get less pension when they retire – and when negotiations are failing – targeted and considered action is clearly necessary.”

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