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Sign the petition to stop tax avoidance

Caroline Lucas MP

Caroline Lucas MP

In March, Caroline Lucas MP tabled a Tax and Financial Transparency Bill aimed at tackling corporate tax evasion and avoidance.

She has now launched a related e-petition to galvanise public support for the proposed measures – we are also hoping that this will help to put pressure on the Government to make time available for the second reading of the Bill on 25 November and raise awareness of the issue more generally. Over 1,800 peopleĀ  signed since 11 Oct.

Thepetition is here. Obviously the more signatures the better, so please feel free to circulate far and wide!

UK Uncut are supporting and have postedĀ  video footage of Caroline here:

Co-Chair of Sheffield and Rotherham Green Party said

“We must stop the Banks and big business robbing us all by not paying their taxes. Those least responsible for economic failure are paying a terrible price. The local Green Party fully support this Bill and encourage as many people as possible to sign this petition.”

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