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Local Election Broadcast

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There are 4 Responses to Local Election Broadcast

13th April 2012

It’s very nice and arty but more content would be better. I’d like to hear more about Green Party Plans and Policies.

    17th April 2012

    I take your point Simon, but if you want to find out more there is plenty to read or watch on the website.The election broadcast is just a very short introduction to Green Politics- hopefully it will make people want to find out more.

    9th May 2012

    Simon – honestly you are wrong. The message pointers were there all the way through.
    However – I do think people needed to be able to recognise the message(s) to get it.
    My previous comment is to do with the fact that the principles could have been flagged up on an early text frame/screen. I do think this would have improved it at minimal cost.

9th May 2012

It was nearly brilliant. It just missed one essential at the beginning in presentation terms.