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Greens hold Central Ward with 49%

Central Ward Election Result 2012

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Mohammed Akbar Labour 1736 39
Owen Grey Conservative 161 4
Andrew Kitson UKIP 137 3
Rob Murphy Green 2165 49
Muhammad Zahar Lib Dem 244 5

Full results here


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There are 3 Responses to Greens hold Central Ward with 49%

4th May 2012

Congratulations, Rob. And a big thank you to Jillian for all the hard work she has done whilst in post.

4th May 2012

hooray! thank goodness for that…glad Rob Murphy will be back. Cheers!

9th May 2012

Good results.

I was appalled at the national and local turnout. I think if this had been higher the results would have been better for GP.

I have only missed voting twice in 35 years (both good reasons) in both local and national elections.
We seem to be in a horrible situation at present where ‘whinge / ignore / not do anything’ has become the national culture.

Sheffield is a university city for goodness sake!
Surely our university population should see voting as an obligation of their privilege?

How do we get people to vote?

I don’t have the definitive answers to that but we all need to address it before the next elections.