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Police Commissioner Elections

Police Commissioner Elections : The South Yorkshire Police Commissioner election is on November 15th.

We are not standing a candidate because we didn’t want police commissioners in the first place and think they ought to be independent. The cost of the deposit (£5000) was prohibitive and did not include a mailing to all electors. There are 5 candidates, none of whom are the progressive Independent we might have supported in the absence of a Green candidate.

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There are 2 Responses to Police Commissioner Elections

15th November 2012

Today’s police commissioner elections are a waste of taxpayers money in an age austerity….but however low the turn-out there will be a new commissioner for South Yorks of one political party or another. And, reluctant as i am to vote, i would rather the Labour candidate won than the very slightly-dodgy english-democrat guy who is also standing. this tactical vote will be the first time i have voted for the labour party – (better the devil you know)

17th November 2012

I voted Labour and was pleased Shaun Wright won. He was the only candidate to campaign and send a leaflet and came across well on TV-very regular I thought. Greens would have got second preference if you’d put a candidate up-but I fully understand your point about the £5k deposit. If the chance for all candidates to send a mailing through the post had been included in the cost that would have increased interest and turnout a bit i think. LibDems were choice two. Both their candidate and the Tory seemed reasonable as people(Even if I don’t like the government policies.) UKip had to be defeated-their policy of flat rate 31% income tax would just make the bettter off even better off and most of us worse-and would hammer low income earners particularly. I think many of the people voting for them just don’t get how right wing they are. And the English Democrat was not very impressive and factually incorrect in what he said on TV. How this man came second I’ve no idea!