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Join the fight to save Early Years Education

The Demonstration has been called in response to the brutal cuts which
Sheffield City Council are proposing to inflict upon our communities who are already
suffering from the Government’s austerity measures.

The Council want to cut £3.6 million from the vital early intervention and
prevention services our communities rely on.


1.The closure of up to 20 Nurseries and Children Centres.

2.The loss of up to 150 fully trained staff.

3.The loss of nursery places for children with disabilities.

4.The weakening of intervention and prevention services.

5.The loss of advice work and in-home support.

6. Working Mums won’t be able to work.

7. Unemployed mums won’t be able to re-train and look for work.


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There are 4 Responses to Join the fight to save Early Years Education

19th January 2013

I am writing on behalf of the Families Using Community Childcare Group and the Community Childcare Forum to thank Cllr Robert Murphey for speaking at the Save Early Years Services March and Protest today ( 19th January 2013) which culminated outside Sheffield Town Hall.

The March attracted over 500 demonstrators on what was a snowy and bitterly cold day. Children and Familes came to represent their Community Childcare services under notice of culling following the decision taken by the Sheffield City Council Cabinet on 12th December 2012. These children and families walked with children and families from sections of the maintained sector Children’s Centres and were supported by representative children and families from Adventure Playgrounds in the City who also are of the understanding that there maybe intent a foot to cull them too. The demonstration was also attended by a range of Support Groups, representations from Unions.
Cllr Murphy spoke eloquently about the absolute necessity to save early years services in Sheffield and raised concern about the disproportionality of the cuts falling on the early years and their devastating impact as well as expressing other relevant and vital points too.
The Protest was also informed by the Community Childcare Forum that legal contestability is underway and a letter of intent has been served upon Sheffield City Council. The process of Judicial Review has stepped into gear.
Families and communities express their thanks to Cllr Murphy for taking the time and trouble to come to the protest and for speaking to the large Crowd as he did.
The struggle for children, families and not-for-profit early years community based services goes on and all support and solidarity is very much welcomed and appreciated.
Chrissy Meleady
( On Behalf of Families Using Community Childcare Group).

    23rd April 2013

    Hello Chrissy,

    I am an Undergraduate Journalism student at the University of Sheffield. I am currently working on a feature that is due on Thursday for my Public Affairs module, focusing on the cutbacks that the council is making in terms of childcare in Sheffield. I would really appreciate it if you would tell me your position on the subject (perhaps as a parent, or a member of the community), and whether you see any further changes happening in the future for all the families and businesses who are currently affected by the funding cutbacks.

    Thank you so much for your help, and I look forward to hearing from you.

      23rd April 2013

      Hi Neia
      I am not sure if Chrissy will see this post, but if you go to our home page and then choose archives and education you will find lots of info on this subject.

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