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Less than 50p a week for our children’s futures

Councillor Rob Murphy speaks out against cuts

Councillor Rob Murphy speaking out against cuts

Greens call on the Council to listen to Sheffield people

Sheffield Green Party councillors want to prevent some of the budget cuts proposed by the Labour Council administration by a small rise in Council Tax of less than 50 pence per week for most households.

Green Councillor Rob Murphy commented,

“Children and young people are not to blame for the cuts and it’s important their futures are protected. We have listened to petitions presented to Council with tens of thousands of signatures calling on the Council to protect local facilities. We think local people should be given the opportunity to vote in a referendum to protect Children’s Centres, Adventure Playgrounds and the Stocksbridge Leisure Centre.”

Rob Murphy added,

“Council Tax has been frozen in Sheffield for the last 3 years, but we need more money to keep much needed facilities. The coalition government cuts threaten to destroy local communities – it’s up to Sheffield Council to protect them.”


 1. Sheffield Green Party will present its more detailed 2013-14 Council Budget proposals later this week.

 2. The national government requires any Council to conduct a referendum if it proposes to increase Council Tax by more than a certain percentage. Any decision by Sheffield Council to increase Council Tax in 2013-14 by more than a tiny amount would require a Sheffield-wide referendum. This would enable Sheffield residents to decide whether they are willing to pay a bit more to protect much-needed services and facilities.

 3. While we haven’t yet finalised our detailed Budget proposals, a 3% increase in Council Tax would mean a rise of approximately 48p per week for the majority of Sheffield households.

 4. Sheffield Green Party has already stated its position on children and early years services – see

Do you think the Green Party is right to propose an increase in Council Tax to save vital services? Add your comments below.

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There are 2 Responses to Less than 50p a week for our children’s futures

27th February 2013

Greens policy pushes fuel prices up
Now wishes to push council tax’s up for children’s services of witch i agree with
What would the be the next reason to increase council tax
Wouldn’t it be wiser to start with waste at council
You could start with £150,000 + a year Mr Mothersole then afew more on £100,000 a year but as usual council for political reasons always hit front line services.
You could say I am a floating voter anybody apart from Conservative and Greens who I have never voted for but in future it will be Ukip or anyone that will get us out of Common Market

27th February 2013

Dear Les
Before you cast judgement please have a look at our full budget amendment which will be published very soon. I think you may be pleased by what it says about executive salaries.

However the Greens will not favour leaving the EU. We are in Europe as a matter of geography! What we need to do is dramatically reform the EU so that it serves people and planet far better. See