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The Green Party are making the case for Europe

airDavid Cameron has published legislation on an EU referendum because of agitation by his own backbenchers. Ultimately, it is right to give people a say on the UK remaining in the EU. Indeed no-one in Sheffield under the age of 55 has ever had a say on our place in Europe.The EU is far from perfect. All too often it serves the interests of business rather than people, and in some policy areas it holds power which should be devolved to local communities. But, on balance, the EU is a positive force in our lives. European legislation is vital in protecting workers’ rights, improving our environment and regulating our out-of-control banking sector. It brings countries together to work on the issues that cross our borders and can’t be dealt with by one country on its own.Recent research by Friends of the Earth shows us that without EU action Sheffield would have more polluted rivers and even higher levels of harmful toxins in our air.beaches The Green Party are making the case for a European Union that stands up for people’s rights and makes sure our environment is one we can live and thrive in.
The time has now come for us to cut through the Europhobic rhetoric and have an adult debate about our place in the European Union.
Peter Garbutt
Sheffield Green Party


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There is One Response to The Green Party are making the case for Europe

26th May 2013

Of course we should stay in the EU. I debate this with a very good friend of mine every time we meet who takes the opposite view.

It brings countries together and helps prevent war.

It is a vehicle for international co-operation on environmental issues, fighting crime, promoting trade.

Why is it that out of 28 European countries 27 correctly want to regulate bankers bonuses but only one-the UK represented by George Osborne -votes against!

Europe should be a vehicle for co-operation on tax avoidance and tax evasion.

Europe provides money for many things such as the new Rotherham Station. In a UK out of the Eu the Tory Right and UKIP would just cut taxes for the rich instead.

48 working week, health and safety legislation all enacted by Europe.