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Tree discussion with Professor Ian Rotherham (part 1)


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14th October 2013

I came to the meeting as a Sheffield resident and council tax payer who is concerned for tree management.

However, I do also work for Sheffield City Council as part of the very active Trees & Woodlands Section within Parks and Countryside.

I know the public may just see us as ‘The Council’, whatever department, but I thought I should remind people there is a full team of Tree Officers who can be contacted about trees on public land (other than highways).

We undertake Tree Risk and Safety Assessment; Woodland Officers work with our Ranger Team to co-ordinate woodland management with wildlife habitat as a priority and the Community Forestersare busy finding funding for tree planting and involving the community.

We work across all of the City’s public green spaces – Parks, Housing Estates, Woodlands, Schools, Libraries, Cemeteries etc etc and advise the public on any tree-related issues from overhanging-branches to tree-planting sites to wildlife conservation.

Although we cannot get involved in any highways issues we are always here on 0114 2500500, and our main concern is safeguarding the city’s trees.

Leonie Kapadia

    14th October 2013

    Thanks for the info Leonie. Please be assured that Sheffield Greens recognise the hard work staff like you are doing in these difficult times of cuts and austerity. You are appreciated!

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