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Reverse the Council’s unfair parking permit increases

Sign our petition to reverse the Council’s unfair parking permit increases.

We the undersigned believe the current prices for permits in Sheffield’s Parking Permit Zones are excessive and unfair. We also believe the increased surpluses from the parking zones should not be subsidising citywide transport schemes.

We call on Sheffield City Council to lower Parking Permit prices to pre-2011 levels, ie £10 for the first car.

You can sign the petition here.parkingpermits-unwin-creasy-murphy

Or you can download a petition form and ask your neighbours to sign too.


Parking permit petition (pdf)

Sheffield Green Party parking permit petition


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There are 4 Responses to Reverse the Council’s unfair parking permit increases

11th January 2014

We do object strongly to the projected increase in parking fees. You upped the parking vouchers this year from £5 to £12without informing us and this is a much higher percentage than the rate of inflation. We pay more than enough now especially as the rest of Sheffield residents don’t pay anything at all. We are not guaranteed a space outside our own house.
You have never reduced the amount of traffic in Sheffield and we still have a lot of cars on our road. Some have three cars which was restricted in the early days. Some have skips outside their houses for four months the removal of which again do not seem to be enforced by the council.
We have lived on this road for 35 years and are very concerned that if the fees are raised, residents will move away and the houses will become a student area and consequently down at heel.

    11th January 2014

    Karen, Barry,

    Thanks for the comment. I’m guessing that you may have commented after the Endcliffe Community Corner Organisation (ECCO) kindly circulated our petition after the party shared information with them on our mutual concerns. And concerns about skips. If not, please ignore the above !.

    Just to make it clear that the council upped the parking charges not us – Green councillors have consistently opposed increases but Labour have the majority and can push through their proposals. We hope this petition will show that many people are against the changes.

    Our councillors have also expressed concerns to officers about the many failings in the system for renewing permits and obtaining visitor permits. Officers are reviewing this following a number of complaints and we expect those complaints will force some changes. Once people have obtained their initial permit, renewal should be straightforward as should buying more visitor permits.

15th December 2014

its disgusting what’s happening in Hillsboro this council is really taking the ….. It’s time we stood up for ourselves they say fees go towards road mantenence have they seen the state of the roads around hear I don’t mind paying for permits but we are really being taken for a ride now

13th February 2015