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Come and debate with your candidates

Smiling ACscaledHere is a list of the election hustings we know about so far. Please come along and ask your candidate a question.

Thursday 8th May – Open Rights Group Hustings – St Marys, Bramall Lane , Sheffield  Andrew Cooper with other Euro Candidates 6.30pm

Tuesday 13th May – Sheffield for Democracy event. 7pm  Andrew Cooper  with other Euro Election Candidates. Hallam University Stoddart Building, Arundel Gate (opposite Sainsbury’s)

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5th May 2014


I do not agree with increasing the Council tax but I do agree with a 50% and above income tax

Reason: Council Tax is regressive and unfairly hits poor working people relatively more than the wealthy

Plus high rate income tax (as in Scandinavia & France) is progressive and ensures the wealthy pay more of the their share

This results in more money for education (currently being privatised like the NHS by the Tories) & social services

Here is my mini manifesto for the Greens:

Take ownership of the railways and public utilities

Ban nuclear power & trident

Ban sales of weapons esp to repressive reactionary regimes like Saudi Arabia

no witch-hunt on immigrants and people (esp. those with disabilities) claiming their meagre benefits

Formation of a Left Green popular front to combat UKIP and the radical Right!

    5th May 2014

    Thanks for your comment. Much of what you say fits nicely with the Green Party national manifesto but isn’t something we can alter directly in Sheffield. Sheffield Green Party works to do what’s best at local level by looking at the choices open to us, even if they’re not perfect.