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What to do at the ballot box!

white-logoThis year there are two elections on May 22nd and you will have two votes.  One vote is to elect a Sheffield City councillor in your ward.  One vote is to elect MEP’s to the European Parliament in the Yorkshire & the Humber region. (The only exception is if you are in Walkley ward where a resignation means you will have two votes to elect two councillors and three votes in total).

The local elections are run using the “first past the post” system. You choose the person that you think will best represent your ward in the Town Hall. To find out about your Green Party candidate see our interactive map here. If you want to vote Green Party look for name Green Party and earth/sunflower symbol on the ballot paper and draw a cross  X next to it.votebrianwebsterballotpaper It is important that you don’t put any other marks on the ballot paper or your vote may not be counted. If you make a mistake you can ask for another ballot paper. The person that gets the most votes is elected. Everyone in Sheffield can vote for a Green Party candidate. In Walkley there are two vacancies so you will have two votes.

white-logoThe European Elections are on the same day. Instead of voting for a person you vote for the Party that you think will best represent you in Europe. Each party has chosen a slate of candidates and ordered them. Six candidates will be elected to represent Yorkshire and Humberside. You place one cross next to your favorite party. Look for “Green Party” and the world/sunflower logo.

Y+H Green Euro Candidates

Yorkshire and Humberside Green Party candidates for the Euro Elections.

The count works like this. The votes are counted for each party. The top candidate from the party with the most votes is elected. That parties vote is then halved and the votes are compared again. If the same party still has the most votes their second candidate is elected and their vote is then divided by 3. If a different party now has the most votes their first candidate is elected and their vote is divided by 2. This process continues until 6 people are elected. In Yorkshire and Humberside the candidate at the top of the Green Party list is Andrew Cooper (on the right hand side of the picture). He has a good chance of being elected because of the proportional system.

These are the results from last time.

European Election 2009: Yorkshire and The Humber,   Candidates in bold were elected. Source Wikipedia.
List Candidates Votes % ±%
Conservative Edward McMillan-Scott,Timothy Kirkhope
Fleur Butler, Matthew Bean, Nick Burrows, Glynis Frew
24.5 -0.2
Labour Linda McAvan
Richard Corbett, Emma Hoddinott, David Bowe, Melanie Onn, Mahroof Hussain
230,009 18.8 -7.5
UKIP Godfrey Bloom
Jonathan Arnott, Jason Smith, Toby Horton, David Daniel, Lynette Afshar
213,750 17.4 +2.9
Liberal Democrat Diana Wallis
Stewart Arnold, Rebecca Taylor, James Monaghan, Nader Fekri, Neil Poole
161,552 13.2 -2.4
BNP Andrew Brons
Nick Cass, Chris Beverley, Marlene Guest, Paul Harris, Trevor Brown
120,139 9.8 +1.8
Green Martin Hemingway, Shan Oakes, Leslie Rowe, Lesley Hedges, Kevin Warnes, Steve Barnard, 104,456 8.5 +2.8
English Democrats Michael Cassidy, Joanne Robinson, Peter Davies, David  Wildgoose, Paul McEnhill, Geoffery Crossman 31,287 2.6 +1.0
Socialist Labour William Capstick, Linda Sheriden, Stephen Yoxall, Holly Jo Yoxall, Terence Robinson, Christopher Butler 19,380 1.6 N/A
Christian Sid Cordle, Andrew McClintock, Angela MacDonald, John O’Brien, Samantha Cauldwell, Rebecca Jones 16,742 1.4 N/A
NO2EU Keith Gibson, Celia Foote, Jackie Grunsell, Peter Marsh, Mike Davies, Juliet Marie Boddington 15,614 1.3 N/A
Jury Team Barbara Hibbert, Anthony Hooper, Ben Saxton 7,181 0.6 N/A
Libertas Antony Devoy, Edward Devoy, Stephen Clark, Diana MacLeod, Trevor Bending, Kathleen Harris 6,268 0.5 N/A
Turnout 1,226,180 32.3 -10.3

The Green Party were just 1.3% or 15,683 votes behind the BNP. If some of the supporters of small parties had voted Green we would have a Green MEP today and would have beaten the fascist BNP, preventing them from being elected. Please use your vote wisely. Vote Green Party.

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