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Greens narrowly lose out on Euro seat for Yorks and Humber

Despite a tremendous campaign which saw more than 102000 people voting Green in Yorkshire and Humberside, the Greens missed out on a Euro seat in this region. We beat the Lib Dems, clearly becoming the 4th party, but not with a big enough share to claim a seat.

In Sheffield 17288 people voted Green, 12.2% of the voters. In Rotherham 2826 people voted Green, just over 5%.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett tweeted “Greens have got far more votes per minute of TV time than any other party.  ” Please sign this petition regarding the unfair coverage that the Green Party have received compared to UKIP and the other parties.

The good news is that we have a new MEP in the South West in Molly Scott Cato. Keith Taylor and Jean Lambert have both held their seats in the South East and London.

A summary of the results is below. A full analysis (including votes by each local authority) is here.

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