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Greens stand against unethical corporations

Sheffield Green Party councillors are asking Sheffield City council to refuse to give contracts to companies with inadequate human rights records. Their motion to council on July 2nd asks the Council to commit to following Government guidance which says that the council can exclude companies from tendering where there is information showing grave misconduct.

Councillor Rob Murphy comments:

Councillor Rob Murphy

Councillor Rob Murphy

“We believe it is vital that public money is kept away from any corporation with a record of involvement in human rights abuses. If services are to be outsourced at all, we believe contracts should be placed with local companies where possible. Placing contracts with large multi-nationals with poor human rights or ethical records is completely unacceptable.”


The wording of the motion is :

Notice of Motion given by Councillor Robert Murphy

That this Council:-

(a) notes the Foreign and Commonwealth Office calls on “businesses and civil society” to help give effect to its “Good Business” action plan, which includes the aim that:“… human rights related matters are reflected appropriately when purchasing goods, works and services.

Under the public procurement rules public bodies may exclude tenderers from bidding for a contract opportunity in certain circumstances, including where there is information showing grave misconduct by a company in the course of its business or profession. Such misconduct might arise in cases where there are breaches of human rights. In addition, UK public bodies are required to have due regard for equality-related issues in their procurement activity.”

(b) is concerned at significant reports of human rights breaches across the world by large corporations; and

(c) confirms that this Council, in so far as it is legally able to do so, should exclude from contract opportunities any company where there is evidence of a poor track record of breaches of human rights and equality laws.

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There is One Response to Greens stand against unethical corporations

5th July 2014

This Green Party motion was passed unanimously by the Council.