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Myra Davis memorial service

myradavisIt is with great sadness that I have to inform you that Myra Davis passed away on Sunday, at her daughters house in Brighton. Myra was one of the founders of Assist, the Conversation Club and the Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers. She was a Green Party member. Her work with refugees in Sheffield was absolutely amazing and many knew her as their “second mum”. Many lived with her in her house as she taught them how to integrate into life in Sheffield.

A close friend writes “Large numbers of people have been in contact with me in recent days about the sad passing of my very close friend of the past 15 years, the founder of our charity ASSIST and the Conversation Club for asylum seekers and refugees, Myra Davis.  There will be a family funeral soon in Brighton, and later in the year we will be organising a major memorial for her in Sheffield to celebrate all that she has meant to us over the years. It is understandable that so many have expressed a wish to attend her funeral, but we do ask that people respect the wishes of the family for a small private funeral with just a few friends. Everyone will be welcome to the memorial in Sheffield on 5th July, and there will be plenty of opportunity for people to make their feelings known by participating when we all come together then. Rest in peace Myra. Everyone is thinking of you.”

A memorial event for Myra Davis will take place on Saturday 5 July at the Central United Reformed Church in Sheffield. The event will include music, poetry and have refreshments. If you are able to bring some food to share (savoury or sweet and pre-cooked as we cannot cook food on site) that would be very helpful.
If you have a special story about Myra please share it with us below.

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29th May 2014
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7th July 2014

Here is the poem that was read by River Walton at the memorial service.

In Memory of Myra

Myra, you inspired us with your passion and your care,
with the smiles and generosity that you showed everywhere;
through ASSIST and Conversation Club you built community
and gave a Sheffield welcome to those seeking sanctuary.

If you felt there was injustice or a need that was ignored
into finding the solution time and energy you poured,
you took it all upon yourself, no burden was too great
in transforming lives of people who’d survived terror and hate.

You opened up your home to those who had nowhere to go,
gave encouragement and confidence when anyone felt low;
some saw you as a mother, some as grandmother or friend,
and above all you were valued as a teacher to the end.

Myra, you were tireless and your bright blue eyes would spark
with vitality and spirit that could light up any dark;
you made a deep impression on everyone you met,
and you proved – to make a difference you don’t have to be perfect!

Myra, you said that what you gave came back multiplied,
that you gained so much from giving others what they’d been denied,
through many acts of kindness you gave hope, comfort and ease;
the love you showed will live on in our hearts and memories.

Myra, you inspire us to carry on the fight
for the sanctuary and justice that are every human’s right;
if we falter in our grief and wonder how we’ll carry on
we’ll know a part of you is with us and together we are strong.

River Wolton
July 2014
Written with the help of members and volunteers at Friday Conversation Club

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26th July 2014