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Green Party set to welcome Natalie Bennett to Sheffield

Jillian Creasy, Brian Webster and Natalie Bennett Oct 2012

Parliamentary Candidate Jillian Creasy with Councillor Brian Webster and Party leader Natalie Bennett.

The Sheffield Green Party are gearing up for the visit of Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett on Tuesday 17th February. The Party have organised a range of events and visits for Bennett to attend, alongside Sheffield Central Parliamentary candidate Dr Jillian Creasy.

In just a year, Natalie Bennett has experienced a meteoric rise to become a highly regarded and in demand UK politician. She regularly appears on national political programmes, debates, and news channels. As well as leader of the now third biggest UK-wide political party, she is respected as prominent figure in both environmental and anti-austerity movements. Natalie is also fresh from leading a successful battle to be included in the national TV Leaders debates, two of which she will now be appearing on alongside David Cameron, Ed Miliband, Nick Clegg, and others.

Natalie Bennett will visit a collection of small businesses and community initiatives in and around the city, meet and speak to voters, and will finish with a major speech at the University of Sheffield’s St George’s Church Lecture Theatre at 7pm. Hosted by the University’s Young Greens society, Natalie Bennett will talk to a sold-out audience about where the Green Party currently stands, and where she hopes it will go in the future. The event will also include a Q&A with both Natalie Bennett and Jillian Creasy.

Jillian Creasy, who as well as standing for the Green Party in Sheffield Central is also the national party health spokesperson, commented “It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to welcome Natalie Bennett to the city. She has been an excellent leader of the party and we are very much looking forward to such a high profile visitor, and the energy it will bring to the Greens in Sheffield.”

Jillian went on to add “It will be excellent to visit a range of local businesses and community initiatives with Natalie, and speak to everyone possible about delivering the Green Party messages of fairness, equality, anti-austerity, and environmental health and wellbeing alongside our party leader”.

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