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Bring empty homes back into use

Empty Homes awaiting demolition

Empty Homes awaiting demolition

Sheffield Green Party is proposing to invest in more work to bring empty homes back into use, to help meet the housing shortage in Sheffield.

This is one of various measures outlined in their Sheffield Council budget amendment on Friday 6th March.

There are over 2000 privately-owned empty houses across the city. Sheffield Green Party wants the council to invest more money in bringing as many as possible of these much-needed homes back into use.

Reusing currently empty homes tackles the housing shortage without the huge energy resources needed for building brand new houses, and reduces the blight on residential streets.

The Greens propose to accelerate the current work done by the council by using a small amount of the Council’s New Homes Bonus as extra funds to pay for an additional officer position on the project and therefore expand the range and capabilities of the council in bringing these houses back into use.

The policy would not only make good use of currently derelict and disused housing but also create new employment and local investment opportunities.

Jillian Creasy

Jillian Creasy


Jillian Creasy, leader of the Green group on Sheffield City Council, said

“Bringing empty houses back into use creates more homes but consumes far less energy than new building and avoids building on green-field sites. As well as providing more homes for Sheffield residents, it also reduces the presence of degraded, derelict buildings on the streets.”

“What’s more, the work done in bringing these old houses back into use would bring more money back into the city by generating further New Homes Bonus funds, so the policy will be self-financing in the long run.”

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