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Visit the Hustings

Please come along to Hustings, question the candidates and support our 5 General Election candidates. Here are the ones we know about. Please let us know if you know of any others.

SGP Peter Garbutt and gardening for food 12329th April Jillian Creasy will be on BBC1 at 2pm for the Health debate. Also see Look North at 22.30

29th April; 7.30pm; Crookes Forum/Sheffield for Democracy; Sanctuary Room, Wesley Hall, Crookes, including our candidate for Hallam, Peter Garbutt.

Peace&JusticePreElectionMt30AprilHeeleyFlier (2)30th April 7-9pm Carfileld School. Peace and Justice Hustings.(see flier)Rita Wilcock

Rita Wilcock, Green Party candidate for Sheffield Heeley, looks forward to communicating Green Party policies on global justice and peace, and rendering transparent powerful influences upon international relations – ¬†such as the arms trade, oil markets, and other multi-national financial and cultural interests, which disrupt the possiblities of peaceful and harmonious living.’



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