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Green Party unites Sheffield Council opposition in support for PR

Councillor Rob Murphy speaks out against cuts

Councillor Rob Murphy

Last week’s meeting of Sheffield Council debated the First Past the Post electoral system. A Green Amendment calling for a fairer and more proportional system was supported by UKIP and Lib Dem Councillors but voted down by the ruling Labour Administration.
Green Cllr Rob Murphy commented: “Over thirty thousand people voted for the Green Party in this year’s local elections, yet the Labour Administration won’t let us lead the debate in Council. Not at any point in the entire year will they allow this.
He added “Both Labour and the Conservatives need to realise that people have had enough of the ‘business as usual’ politics of the big two parties. They are voting for others in their millions.”In the past our country – and Sheffield in particular – has led the world in campaiging for greater democracy. It is time we adapt our voting system to today’s multi-party reality.”
The Motion debated was Item 9 on the agenda. The Green Amendment is listed as Item 14 on the agenda here.
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