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The people must decide on elected mayor.

15th July, 2015

Dear Editor Communities Minister Greg Clark says “there is absolutely no forcing” on devolution and imposing an elected mayor. But, … Full Story »

Green Party unites Sheffield Council opposition in support for PR

8th June, 2015

Last week’s meeting of Sheffield Council debated the First Past the Post electoral system. A Green Amendment calling for a fairer … Full Story »

Questions about compulsory voting, sustainable energy and media ownership

19th February, 2015

Natalie Bennett speaks in Sheffield

19th February, 2015

Councillor Andrew Cooper welcomes a crowded audience to St George’s lecture theatre at the University of Sheffield. Councillor Jillian Creasy, … Full Story »

Sheffield Young Greens prepare for Voter Registration Day

4th February, 2015

On Thursday 5th February Amelia Womack, national Green Party Deputy Leader, will be joining the Sheffield Young Greens for a day of action … Full Story »

Is this devolution? Is it what Sheffield people want?

28th November, 2014

In the last few weeks the Government has proposed that Northern Cities, particularly Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield get a form … Full Story »

Green Councillors call for debate on devolved powers for Sheffield

25th November, 2014

Sheffield Green councillors have submitted a motion for the full council meeting on December 3rd, calling for the public to … Full Story »

Votes for 16 year olds

6th December, 2012

No, Sheffield is not set for a single party system!

12th May, 2012

12th May 2012 Dear Sir The Green Party believes in multi-party government. The whole point of electing councillors and MPs … Full Story »

Vote No on Thursday

27th April, 2012

When you vote on May 3rd think about Doncaster where there is a referendum to scrap the elected mayor. After … Full Story »