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Green calls for mayoral referendum rejected

Topics: Brian Webster, City Wide, Council, Devolution, Elections

There is One Response to Green calls for mayoral referendum rejected

7th November 2015

So many of us are excited by the huge endorsement of Labour’s new leader. Sadly Sheffield City Labour councillors seem oblivious to the excitement of Labour’s thousands of new members keen to engage in a politics that provides a real alternative to the failure of business as usual. I do hope Labour supporters across Sheffield are told about what their Councillors are up to. I will do my best to share this post as widely as possible.

I had thought that The Green Party might struggle in next May’s Council elections when all councillors are up for election with a re-energised Sheffield Labour Party. The Blairites are clearly still running the show in our City and the same old dead hand of Corporation and austerity favourable policies are firmly on track. Therefore a large number of Green Party councillors look likely to formally a much larger group in Sheffield Council.

Thank you to to the four green councillor for providing a voice of reason during these grim times.