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Natalie Bennett public meeting “Why Sheffield needs Green solutions”

Everyone is invited to a public meeting and question and answer session with Natalie Bennett, former Green Party leader and Sheffield Central constituency MP candidate on Thursday 24th November. Plus an opportunity to find out more about Green Party activity in and around south west Sheffield with Cllr Magid Magid (Broomhill & Sharrow Vale ward) in attendance and Ecclesall ward activists.

6.45pm for 7pm start at Banner Cross Methodist Church. Refreshments will be served. There will be a collection for room hire. Pre booking not needed but if you can register via the link it helps us plan for numbers.

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There are 2 Responses to Natalie Bennett public meeting “Why Sheffield needs Green solutions”

19th March 2017

What has Natalie Bennett got to do with Sheffield? I have voted Green in Sheffield Central council elections because of 2 reasons in the main: 1. They were established locally based people having that link connection with the area.
2. They were highly visible week in, week out and working hard for the ward building strong local links along the way.
The only link Natalie Bennett has with the Sheffield area is that she is that she is able to buy a house in Sheffield but that doesn’t make her a long standing Sheffielder. Buying a house butters no parsnips with me. In addition Sheffield people mostly voted leave and that is completely at odds with the Green Party and we’re going to vote against triggering article 50 policy. So I can’t vote for a stranger whose view on the referendum is diametrically opposed to the people she wants to represent.
P J Satur

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19th March 2017

I think you are being very hard on Natalie Philip. She hasn’t just “bought a house” in Sheffield, she has moved here with her partner and is already very engaged with the local community. Natalie travelled to Sheffield many times during the previous election campaign and loved the city so much she decided to move here. This of course is not unusual. Many people come here to study at our 2 Universities and like me end up staying here. Please get involved and meet Natalie, then she will no longer be a stranger to you. As for Brexit the debate is no longer about leave or remain. The debate is now about how we can secure decent standards of workers rights, environmental protections, food standards and freedom of movement when we leave the EU. Many people are concerned about these issues from both side of the leave/remain debate and the Green Party will be loudly making our case.