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Who could replace Labour?

Cllr Douglas Johnson

Cllr Douglas Johnson

Dear Editor,

 Michael Parker asks (Star, 22nd December – “who could replace Labour in power?” – pointing out that the LibDems are just as keen on privatising the city’s assets as Labour is.

 Labour might have a big majority on the council now but it won’t always be the case.  With four parties represented on the Council, it isn’t simply a case of choosing the least-bad of the two big parties.

 A hung council can mean better politics as it forces the parties to co-operate and compromise.  For instance, no Boxing Day or New Year’s Day bus services operated before a Green budget deal with Labour when we held the balance of power in 2008.

 The Green Party has a clear vision for governance that considers the long-term impact on the environment and community whenever decisions are made.  But we also believe in political decision-making where the needs of the city are put above those of party power structures.  The Green Party is working for a better Sheffield, with people treated more fairly and more emphasis on improving our environment.

Cllr Douglas Johnson

Sheffield Green Party

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There is One Response to Who could replace Labour?

24th January 2017

Whoever replaces Labour needs a coherent library policy including plans to retain central library and restaff branch libraries