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Green general election candidates selected in Sheffield

Sheffield Green Party has selected candidates for Hallam, Heeley and Brightside & Hillsborough constituencies.  Natalie Bennett was previously selected to run in Sheffield Central.

Christine Gilligan Kubo, Logan Robin & Declan Walsh

The candidates selected are:

Hallam constituency: Logan Robin, who lives in Walkley and is a student at Sheffield University.  Logan is Chair of Sheffield Young Greens and Sheffield Youth for Europe.

Heeley constituency: Declan Walsh, who lives in Meersbrook and came just 20 votes short of being elected as a councillor in City ward in 2016.  He has worked in the NHS, volunteered with charities and is involved in local cooperatives.

Brightside and Hillsborough: Christine Gilligan Kubo, a lecturer in the Sheffield Business School, part of Sheffield Hallam University.  She specialises in Responsible and Ethical Business practice.  She lives in Hillsborough and stood in the 2015 and 2016 elections in the constituency.

Logan Robin, who will be standing against Nick Clegg in Sheffield Hallam, said,

“Young people today face enormous challenges, with incredible levels of student debt and uncertainty in the world as we face Brexit.

“In 2017, the Green Party has pledged to scrap tuition fees, which were introduced by Labour and increased so memorably by the LibDems under Nick Clegg’s leadership.

“Only the Greens would reinstate the maintenance grant for students whilst also opposing the Tories’ extreme Brexit.  Only the Greens can stand up for young people.”

Christine Gilligan added,

“At this difficult time in global politics, I think it is important to offer Sheffield an alternative to the mainstream parties – one that challenges the neo-liberal hard line Brexit we are likely to get from Theresa May and the Conservative Party.

“It will be vitally important to think how we encourage businesses to continue to protect workers’ rights and the environment after we leave the EU.”

“The Green Party recognised that students and young people are being ignored in the Brexit negotiations, despite having the most to lose.  I was heartened to hear Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, announce the Green Party policy to match EU funding for universities with a UK equivalent after Brexit.

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