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More Green MPs would mean better scrutiny of Brexit

Natalie Bennett with Sheffield’s Green councillors

Dear Editor,

The Master Cutler, Richard Evans, is right to say the country needs a credible opposition to give a “large degree of scrutiny” to the Government’s Brexit plans. (Star 4 May 17 –

And he is right to be concerned.

Prolonged uncertainty over the future of Britain in Europe is bad for business.  It is especially bad for those small and medium businesses who don’t have all the benefits of global corporations.  Those are the businesses that are important in Sheffield, with its past and present of small-scale innovation.

But it will be worse still for those businesses if the UK gets a bad deal.

For us in the Green Party, political scrutiny is a very important role.  As a Green MP,  Caroline Lucas has had an excellent reputation. In Sheffield, the elected Green councillors have worked hard to call the ruling administration to account. Additional Green MPs would mean even more effective scrutiny of Brexit and other issues.

That’s why we are asking voters to return Natalie Bennett to Parliament as a Green MP for Sheffield Central.

Cllr Douglas Johnson
Sheffield Green Party

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