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Natalie Bennett launches Green campaign for Sheffield Central

12 May 2017 – launching her election campaign to be the first Green MP in the North, Natalie Bennett said today:

“Today we start the formal campaign in a strong position.  There is a great chance here to elect the first Green MP in the North.

“With no risk of the Tories being elected in Sheffield Central, voters have a straight choice between me and Labour.  And we are finding across Sheffield voters are looking for change.  They are turned off the old politics.

“The solid values and principles of the Green Party ring true on the doorstep.  People know we will always oppose privatisation of our NHS and fracking.  And that we will stand up for schools that provide education for life not just exams and for the right of free movement within the EU that enriches all of our lives.”


  • Natalie Bennett lives in Sheffield Central constituency and was selected to be the candidate for Sheffield Green Party.
  • Nationally, the Green Party won over 1.1 million votes in the 2015 general election, higher than all previous elections together, but still only gained one seat in Parliament
  • In Sheffield Central, Greens gained a clear second place in the 2015 general election and are closing the gap on Labour.  Votes cast in  the 5 main Sheffield Central wards in May 2016 council elections were:
    Labour – 27,635
    Green –  20,064
    LibDems – 7,425
    Conservative – 1,963
    Others – 1168
  • Campaign info:

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