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Legal threat to elected councillor facing injunction, Monday 17th July

Alison Teal

Cllr Alison Teal

Sheffield City Council have refused mediation and started injunction proceedings in court against one of its own elected Councillors.

Councillor Alison Teal, Green Party councillor for Nether Edge and Sharrow, will attend a first hearing at 10.30am on Monday 17th July at the High Court in Leeds.

Cllr Teal is having to defend the injunction proceedings after the Council turned down her request for time to get legal advice and to use mediation in the controversial tree-felling debate.

Instead, the Council issued the court claim immediately.

Cllr Douglas Johnson, Green Party Councillor for City Ward and former Law Centre worker, said,

“Not only is it outrageous that the Council’s Labour Administration is seeking an injunction against an opposition councillor for political ends, it is extraordinary that, rather than seek a mediated resolution of the dispute, the Council have chosen formal legal proceedings.”


  • The matter will be heard at 10.30am on Monday 17 July at the High Court in Leeds and is expected to last up to three hours.
  • Douglas Johnson was awarded the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year award, 2014, in the social welfare law category.

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There are 7 Responses to Legal threat to elected councillor facing injunction, Monday 17th July

12th July 2017

The SCC has a long and distinguished tradition of fascist intimidation to find inspiration from. This is now their well-established way to act. They will not change their ways, and it is up to us to make sure that their repressive actions will not prevail. Mussolini and Hitler did not drop from the sky, but they emerged as a gradual erosion of civil rights eventually became to be accepted as ordinary. It is our right and our duty not to see history repeated.

    12th July 2017

    Agree with Umberto. The councils behaviour is just appalling no idea why they don’t seem to understand that. I hope LP members will let them know in no uncertain terms their behaviour is unacceptable.

12th July 2017

With you all the way Alison. This is outrageous.

13th July 2017

With you Alison Teal excessive and unnecessary

13th July 2017

Such bullying as Sheffield CC are showing here is, I’m sure, an embarrassment to their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. Were he resident in the area no doubt he would have taken a similar stance to the Green party. They should know that the Greens only ever fight for what is beneficial to society and the world.
We have to suspect that someone within the council has a personality defect – a compulsion to control everything and appear big and powerful. (Now who does this remind us of?)
Unnecessarily wasting taxpayers money and the court’s time could well be perceived as the greater crime.

    15th July 2017

    I am not a resident of Sheffield but support STAG, because, what is happening in that great city could happen anywhere, if big international companies like Amey are allowed to influence our local councils. It is quite common in other countries for bribery and corruption to be part of big business transactions. One can only surmise, what the motivation is for some of the elected Labour Council in Sheffield to be hellbent on propping up this disastrous and extortionate long term contract with a Spanish multinational. The situation has a dreadful stench to it and needs some serious investigation.

13th July 2017

Very, very firm message to Sheffield Council:

Know this. You are NOT acting in my name, or on my behalf.
This is my personal vote of no confidence in you.