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Hen Harriers protest

Illegal killing of hen harriers is man-made madness in the name of “sport”

14th August, 2016

David Bocking’s article on International Rangers Day was educational as always (Telegraph 11 August). It’s a highly dangerous job in … Full Story »

Natalie Bennett at Hen Harrier Day in Edale

Natalie Bennett speaks at Hen Harrier Day in Edale

8th August, 2016

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett gave an inspirational speech at the Peak District Hen Harrier day on August 7th – … Full Story »

Farmageddon at the Off the Shelf Festival

21st October, 2014

Farmageddon is an eye opening examination of the quiet revolution of mega-farming that is threatening our countryside, farms and food. … Full Story »

Support Brian May’s petition against the badger cull

9th April, 2013

Sign the petition here

Europe: “the 3 yeses”

11th February, 2013

This article by Steve Barnard was first published in South Yorkshire Politics. The Green Party was quick to respond positively … Full Story »

Badger cull won’t work

18th October, 2012

Dear Editor A ten-year investigation, in which 11,000 badgers were experimentally killed, reported: “Badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the … Full Story »

40% increase in animal experiments in last 10 years

21st July, 2012

Letter to the Star The Coalition promised to “work to reduce the use of animals in scientific research”. But the … Full Story »