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People’s Assembly: Workshop on Climate Change

19th September, 2013

Peter Garbutt from the GreenParty made the first presentation, explaining the extreme risks we face from climate change and emphasising … Full Story »

Natalie Bennett speech at Brighton Conference

14th September, 2013


Peter Garbutt says don’t attack Syria

31st August, 2013


Give fairtrade the thumbs up

20th August, 2013

A new outlet for fair trade goods opens in Burngreave on Monday 26th August. Thanks to the Sheffield Methodist Circuit … Full Story »

Jillian Creasy at the Peace Picnic

13th August, 2013

Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki

13th August, 2013

Members of the Green Party joined with Sheffield CND to comemorate the victims of the atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki … Full Story »

Even the Rain

11th July, 2013

Here is the trailer of the film that will be showing after the Green Fair, thanks to the Magic Lantern … Full Story »

Councillor Andrew Cooper answers questions from Sheffield and Rotherham Greens

15th June, 2013

Andrew Cooper for MEP

15th June, 2013

Boycott Asda and Gap

19th May, 2013

Dear Sir It seems to take tragedy to wake us up. It took more than 1100 deaths in the Bangladesh … Full Story »

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