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8th July, 2016

Councillor Magid Magid, elected as Sheffield’s first Somali councillor in May 2016, made his “maiden” speech in Sheffield City Council … Full Story »

Tackling Domestic Abuse in Faith Communities

1st December, 2014

Cllr Smalley is to attend a unique event at Sheffield Town Hall to explore the issue of domestic abuse and … Full Story »

Sheffield Greens at Millhouses Eid Festival

7th August, 2014

Sheffield Greens enjoyed a fantastic day at the Eid Celebration at Millhouses Park in August.

Palestine Solidarity Campaign appeal for Gaza

10th January, 2009

News from the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign-appeal for wheelchairs On Saturday PSC launched an urgent appeal (at the direct request … Full Story »

Palestine comment

3rd January, 2009

Councillor Bernard Little, who was at the Sheffield demonstration today in support of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, said “We cannot … Full Story »