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Greens want better protection for local shops.

1st September, 2010

Sheffield Green Party has called for better protection and support for small and independent local shops. This in turn will … Full Story »

Sheffield and Rotherham Green Party are opposed to all proposals to build on green belt farming land

11th August, 2009

Rotherham Green Party oppose house building Full Story »

Council should act quickly to implement a Green New Deal

13th June, 2009

Here is a comment from Sheffield Green Party Co-Chair David Hayes about the report from the Green New Deal conference … Full Story »

Sheffield’s Green New Deal

1st February, 2009

The Green Party has called for Sheffield to adopt a “Green New Deal” to create jobs, boost the local economy … Full Story »

Palestine Solidarity Campaign appeal for Gaza

10th January, 2009

News from the Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign-appeal for wheelchairs On Saturday PSC launched an urgent appeal (at the direct request … Full Story »

First have us over a barrel.

17th December, 2008

Dear Sir We are all angry about the First price rises due in January. First know that they have us … Full Story »