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The Green Party offers real solutions to issues like jobs, housing, poverty, education and climate change

A lot of people are unhappy with the major political parties. Many will choose to use their vote in the European elections as a protest. The Government is dishonest and sleazy with many Labour politicians looking after themselves first. It does not represent working people anymore. The Conservatives are remembered as the party of Thatcher. She divided the country and destroyed jobs and industry. There is a positive, radical and progressive alternative to the major parties. The Green Party offers real solutions to issues like jobs, housing, poverty, education and climate change. It is the only party with a serious commitment to public services, civil liberties and making society fairer. The Green Party is for people and communities taking control of their lives to find the right answers to their problems. Everyone should have basic human rights. An important part of this is the prevention of discrimination based on race, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age, religion or social origin. The Green Party, unlike some other smaller political parties, does not believe that immigration and non white people living in Britain are to blame for all the problems in this country. Any party which claims this is un-British as they go against our traditions of tolerance, justice, democracy and fairness: the very values we defended in the war against Nazism in Germany and fascism in Italy. In fact, Green policies will help to reduce the insecurities on which less reasonable parties depend.

Steve Barnard

Euro Election Candidate

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11th March 2011

many of the green parties polocies are atractive to me but the general support that the green party gets seems to be from the leavy green middle class areas of Sheffield I live in solid working class area of sheffield where there is massive disolusionment with the traditional parties these are the areas that are really going to be affected by the cuts and the only party that is opposing cuts in Sheffield is the green party cuts in EMA, DLA, Housing Benefit will affect my friends & neighbours much more than the wealthier areas of Sheffield but where is the Green Party no candidates no leaflets no meetings we need an alternative are you it

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    13th March 2011

    Dear Rob
    Yes we are! Our 2 Councillors certainly don’t represent the white highlands! Central Ward, although not one of the very most deprived wards in Sheffield, is mostly solid working class. Our voters live mainly in terraced housing and flats. We are really sorry you haven’t been getting leaflets from us. Which area of the city do you live in? Unfortunately we are still a small party, but we are growing fast. We have to target our resources in the areas we think we can win, because of the ridiculous electoral system. So most of our effort at the moment is going into Central Ward, to ensure Jillian Creasy is re-elected in May. If people like you join us we can expand our activities and challenge the major parties in other wards. Really hope you will come and get involved.