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Archive for March, 2010

Greens make clean campaign pledge

30th March, 2010

Sheffield Green Party have made a Clean Campaign Pledge for the forthcoming campaign and are inviting other parties in Sheffield … Full Story »

Scrap Trident now and save £97 billion

30th March, 2010

Sir, The agreement to cut nuclear warheads between Russian and USA is to be welcomed. It is timed to set … Full Story »

Greens call for action on post offices

28th March, 2010

The Greens today spoke out against the lack of action to address closed post offices in Sheffield, pointing out that … Full Story »

Refurbish, don’t demolish

26th March, 2010

Dear Sir, Waiting lists continue to spiral upwards as Sheffield missed its affordable homes target in 2008/9 by 532, with … Full Story »

Meet the Greens face to face

22nd March, 2010

Sheffield Green Party are starting their election campaign with a public rally. Their main candidates will be speaking, meeting the … Full Story »

What I’ve got in common with Nick Clegg…

22nd March, 2010

Dear sir I have a few things in common with Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg. We are both candidates in … Full Story »

Jillian Creasy says vote Green to protect the NHS

22nd March, 2010

Jillian Creasy Video This video discusses why people should vote Green in 2010 and particularly focuses on the National Health … Full Story »

Vote Green to protect the NHS

21st March, 2010

Keeping the Lights On in South Yorkshire

21st March, 2010

Is Our Future Nuclear Free or Nuclear? Join the debate Wednesday 28 April 2010 from 7pm to 8.30pm Find us … Full Story »

Nuclear and Carbon Capture are the wrong solutions

19th March, 2010

Dear Sir We in the Green Party have proposed and continue to promote the creation of many jobs in the … Full Story »