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Vote No in Mayoral referendum

There is a Mayoral referendum  on the same day as the local elections РMay 3rd Рto ask the people of Sheffield whether or not they want an elected Mayor, along the lines of the Mayor in Doncaster.
The powers to be held by any such mayor would be far greater than those held
currently by any single person in Sheffield. He or she would effectively be
the decision maker for all areas of local government, and councillors would
have no statutory responsibilities unless the mayor appointed them to his/her cabinet.
The Sheffield Green Party is categorical in recommending the people of
Sheffield reject this idea; it vests far more power in one person than
anyone can competently handle, and loses the very positive and democratic
influence the ordinary citizen can exert through his or her elected
councillors. Furthermore, it would make it much easier for Central
Government to influence events, even in Sheffield, because there would be
only one person to persuade, as opposed to a majority of the 84-strong
Electing a mayor would be a backward step. In much the same way as jobs and
services are being stripped from the populace in order to give tax breaks to
the rich, it would strip voters of their democratic powers, and vest it all
in the office of Mayor.

Peter Garbutt

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There are 4 Responses to Vote No in Mayoral referendum

5th April 2012

Elections are theater.

7th April 2012

Surely one person able to think in a joined-up way is far better than all the bloody squabbling we have at present?

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    7th April 2012

    The current favourite is Julie Dore! Don’t think that will stop the squabbling I’m afraid.

9th April 2012

surely there is nothing a mayor could do that couldn’ t be done by elected councillors? It’s a good idea I think for a City like London which needs some overall co-ordination, but for Sheffield I think no. It hasn’t worked in Doncaster, would cost more money and would diminish local councillors role.