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Greens announce Hallam and Heeley General Election Candidates

Following recent selection processes, Sheffield Green Party have announced candidates for the Hallam and Heeley constituencies for the General Election in May 2015.

Teacher Peter Garbutt will take on Nick Clegg in Hallam.  He says:

Peter Garbutt, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hallam

Peter Garbutt, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Hallam

“I’m excited to be standing in Hallam Constituency. I’m offering the voters our positive Green vision of a reinvigorated democracy that works for the many not the few. Greens are for investment in jobs to reduce household fuel bills and to combat climate change, and the protection of the National Health Service and other public services. Conservative, Labour and coalition governments have failed the people badly over the last 35 years; it’s time to vote for a party that puts people first.”


Rita Wilcock, Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Heeley

Community Health Worker Rita Wilcock will stand in Heeley which will have a new MP. She says:

” I’m delighted to be standing in my home constituency. Voters will have the opportunity to vote for a greener future, where jobs in renewable energy, insulation and green technologies will combat climate change and fuel poverty. And for a society with fairer taxation and a clampdown on tax avoidance to fund essential public services – health and social care, education, transport, housing and welfare.”
Further Sheffield candidates will be announced later in 2014 after selection processes have been completed.

The picture below shows Rita Wilcock and Peter Garbutt on London Road.

peter garbutt and rita wilcock

Rita Wilcock and Peter Garbutt on London Road.

For more information please contact Peter Garbutt or Rita Wilcock



The Green Party increased it’s Sheffield councillors from 2 to 4 in the May 22nd council elections and is now the 3rd biggest of 4 groups on the council. It increased its citywide vote share from 10.4% to 12.8%. The Green Party of England and Wales has 1 MP, Caroline Lucas, who was elected in 2010 in the Brighton Pavilion constituency.
Candidate profiles:
Peter Garbutt works in Attercliffe with SYTG teaching maths and ESOL to young refugees.  He moved to Sheffield in 1988, living first in Crookes, then in Stannington and now with his wife in Heeley. He stood in his home council ward, Gleadless Valley, in May 2014, increasing the Green vote share to 19.3%. He was Chair of Sheffield Green Party in 2012, and is an active campaigner against NHS privatisation and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
Rita Wilcock lives in Heeley and works in the communities of Lowedges, Batemoor and Jordanthorpe as a community health trainer working to support and promote changes towards healthier lifestyles and to increase access to community activities which enhance health and wellbeing. Rita has campaigned against the poor treatment of those with disabilities and health conditions under the ATOS Assessment Scheme. She has stood as the Green candidate in council elections in Dore & Totley ward in recent elections.

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21st September 2015

Has anyone thought of checking to see if all council property is occupied? . I notified the council to inform them that a certain property was now unoccupied as the tenant hadn’t been seen for at lease16months, then furniture was being put outside and these 2 young men where still going in the property. Having looked at the electric metre they where using £70of electric a week. The police eventually entered the premises and removed plant growing paraphanalia.
This is just one flat how many are there across the city ?