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Sheffield Green Party Leader to stand for Parliament.

Green Leader Steps Down to Go for Sheffield Central MP.

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Sheffield Central MP Candidate Councillor Jillian Creasy with Caroline Lucas MP

Local Councillor Dr. Jillian Creasy has been selected by local Green Party members to stand as the candidate for the Sheffield Central Constituency in the 2015 general election.

She will be contesting the seat held currently by Paul Blomfield MP, the Labour backbencher who first won the seat in 2005.

Jillian, well known in the community for both ten years of service as a Green Party local councillor and a family doctor, lives in Broomhall. During her time as a councillor in Town Hall, Jillian acted as leader of the Green Party on the council, serving her community with distinction.

Speaking about her upcoming campaign to become Sheffield’s first Green MP, Jillian says: “Greens are the clear challengers to Labour in Sheffield Central after our vote surge in last May’s council elections. I’m really energised to win this campaign and be a strong MP for this friendly and diverse constituency.”

After achieving 31% of the popular vote in the council wards that make up the Sheffield Central Constituency in May this year, and doubling our council group from two to four councillors in the process, the Green Party have become the clear opposition to Labour in the constituency. Sheffield Central has been made a top 8 national target constituency for the national Green Party for May 2015.

Throughout her political career, Jillian has been a passionate supporter of the NHS, and aims to make health a central part of her Sheffield Central election campaign. However, many other key issues which the Green Party is leading on nationally will also feature strongly in her push for success on May 7th; Jillian argues that  “the best way to tackle many health problems is to address issues like inequality, housing and air pollution”.

Below are some ideas on how you can help elect Jillian, and some contact information for her campaign.

What you can do to help the campaign to elect Jillian:

–       Voting Green in the May 2015 general election and in local elections

–       Displaying a window poster at election time

–       Delivering leaflets in your area

–       Making a donation

–       Email to volunteer to be involved in the campaign

–       Join the Green Party

Connect with the campaign on social media:

–       Facebook: Green Jillian for Sheffield Central

–       Twitter: @GreenJillian

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There are 2 Responses to Sheffield Green Party Leader to stand for Parliament.

4th December 2014

I am getting the feeling that the Greens are now the only viable party to elect, but my worry is that you do not have enough media coverage or exposure, thus people think you are not credible….my hope would be that nationally the Greens push for more of this much needed exposure. Strike while the iron is hot!

    Profile photo of Graham Wroe
    4th December 2014

    Thank you Mark. Believe me we are trying! The media is run by powerful corporations who have a vested interest in keeping us quiet. But as the Green Surge continues they will find it more and more difficult to ignore us. The best way to help is to join us and get involved in our campaigns.