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Is this devolution? Is it what Sheffield people want?

Sue Walkley 3-20In the last few weeks the Government has proposed that Northern Cities, particularly Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield get a form of devolution. Greater Manchester’s councils have already committed themselves, including having an elected Mayor, which was rejected by Sheffield people two years ago by a 65% majority. The government will now prepare legislation to enable these changes, with the potential for the Mayoral election to take place in 2017.

The deal as outlined by the Daily Telegraph seems to be nothing more than an extended version of the ‘City Deals’ that have been around for a while and which enable government to target funds at local councils in return for them following agendas and targets agreed between the two.

This is happening  by decree of George Osborne. Where is the democratic process in all of this? The decision making in Sheffield is also shrouded in secrecy.

The people of Sheffield have no say as the Government cuts decimate our services.

Is this devolution? Is it what Sheffield people want?

Yours sincerely

Sue Morton

Green Party candidate

Walkley Ward  Sheffield

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