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Thank you to everyone who donated to our crowdfunder!

2016 council candidatesDear friends,

Our crowdfunding campaign that we have been pushing the past month has finally come to an end. We originally set a target of £1000 to raise but with the generosity of so many people like yourselves we have exceeded our expectations and raised £1705. All the money raised will make it possible for us to spread our message to voters across Sheffield and will pay for the print of newsletters to be distributed to residents. This will enable us to reach areas, and voters that are currently beyond our financial and physical reach as a local party.

These elections are the first ‘all out’ elections in Sheffield for many years and as such offer an opportunity for a fresh start for Sheffield with a completely new Council (usually local Councillors are elected ‘by thirds’ with one Councillor per ward being elected for a three year term coming round in rotation). As all Council seats are up for grabs this is a fantastic opportunity for Sheffield to vote for politicians with ideas focussed on the future and increase the number of Green Party Councillors we already have. The Green Party is a growing force on Sheffield City Council and electing more Green Councillors gives local people the opportunity to break with the past. So whether you have donated or not, there are many ways to get involved ranging from delivering newsletters, canvassing, putting up a poster/stake or any other way you can think of. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch with Declan Walsh on

Unlike the other main parties, the Green Party will only accept donations from businesses that operate ethically, and so we’re more reliant on individual donors, like you, to help fund our work. This is why we’re really thankful to everyone that got involved in our crowdfunder, whether you donated or just shared it. You’ve helped us keep our momentum towards May’s local election so thank you!

Below is a list of all our brilliant donors:

  • Ann Forsaith
  • Graham Turnbull
  • Liz Fisher
  • Amy Catherine Mack
  • Gregor McHugh
  • Liam Hardy
  • Ana L Morales
  • Heather Morgan
  • Mike Toms
  • Ben Brown
  • Heather Rostron
  • Marina Ciaraldi
  • Bev Cross
  • Helen Milner
  • Peter Verity
  • Christine Kellond
  • Jon Ashe
  • Richard Pinder
  • Cat Hartley
  • Jillian Creasey
  • Robert Moffatt
  • David Maxted
  • John Davies
  • Red Baron
  • Emily Forster
  • Julieanne Porter
  • Stephanie Turpin
  • Godfrey Collins
  • Janet Ayers
  • Sean Ashton
  • Gill Black
  • Kami Of Tea
  • Team Teal

Thank you for all you support!

Missed the crowdfunder? There are still other ways you can donate to support Sheffield Green Party’s work.

There are lots of ways to get involved and help the Green Party in Sheffield, find out how you can help here.

Find out more about the 5th May Council elections here.



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