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Boycott Asda and Gap

19th May, 2013

Dear Sir It seems to take tragedy to wake us up. It took more than 1100 deaths in the Bangladesh … Full Story »

Where is Labour’s opposition to the benefit cuts?

10th May, 2013

Dear Sir It was right and proper to see the struggle of those trying to cope with benefit changes and … Full Story »

Ikea must go through the proper planning process

22nd April, 2013

Dear Editor Portland Works would now be an apartment block if the planning process did not exist. Like all developments, … Full Story »

Vital to allow bikes on tram-trains

30th October, 2012

Sir It’s good that Clive Betts is pushing the Transport Secretary for action if the tram-trial between Sheffield and Rotherham … Full Story »

£4 uniforms are from sweatshops

14th August, 2012

Dear Sir School uniforms for £4 ? You can’t sell clothes for this price and pay the workers who make … Full Story »

Pay TV in hospital: a result of creeping privatisation of NHS

31st July, 2012

Dear Sir It was good to see Danny Boyle celebrate the NHS in the spectacular Olympics Opening Ceremony. Unfortunately many … Full Story »

Gerry Poole

27th May, 2012

Gerry Poole died last Wednesday  – his Facebook page is He  last appeared n the Sheffield Star and Telegraph a couple … Full Story »

Vote No on Thursday

27th April, 2012

When you vote on May 3rd think about Doncaster where there is a referendum to scrap the elected mayor. After … Full Story »

No BNP candidates in Sheffield

12th April, 2012

On April 3rd I received information from Unite Against Fascism about election leafleting to help “make sure South Yorkshire is … Full Story »

Southern Cross homes- a scandal that needs addressing

20th July, 2011

  Eamonn Ward 16 July 2011 Dear Sir Sheffield Council has reassured residents and relatives that no Southern Cross homes … Full Story »

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