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Archive for October, 2012

Book review-Against Intellectual Monopoly

31st October, 2012

Against Intellectual Monopoly┬áby Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine Have you ever stopped to wonder whether laws to protect ‘Intellectual … Full Story »

Vital to allow bikes on tram-trains

30th October, 2012

Sir It’s good that Clive Betts is pushing the Transport Secretary for action if the tram-trial between Sheffield and Rotherham … Full Story »

Petition to allow bikes on new tram trains

29th October, 2012

Please support the Cycle Sheffield petition to allow bikes on the new tram-trains.    

Natalie Bennett answers questions from the Young Greens

29th October, 2012

Here are a selection of the questions and answers after Natalie Bennett addressed the Young Greens Convention in Sheffield. Attractive … Full Story »

Natalie Bennett addresses the Young Greens Convention in Sheffield

29th October, 2012


Badger cull won’t work

18th October, 2012

Dear Editor A ten-year investigation, in which 11,000 badgers were experimentally killed, reported: “Badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the … Full Story »

Carrots, the cost of food and climate change

14th October, 2012

Dear Editor Last weekend I harvested my carrots. Like many other gardeners and allotment holders in Sheffield I was disappointed … Full Story »

Welcome new students. Why not join the Young Greens?

12th October, 2012

Sheffield and Rotherham Green Party welcome the many new students to the city. The Young Greens are the youth movement … Full Story »

Demonstrate on Oct 20th

5th October, 2012

There will be a public meeting jointly called by and Sheffield University Students Union and Sheffield Trades Council as part … Full Story »

Natalie Bennett on “Labour Tribalism”

2nd October, 2012