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Archive for October, 2013

Campaign for local levy on large retail outlets

27th October, 2013

The campaign for a local levy on large retail outlets is being led at national level by Local Works, which … Full Story »

Greens say Taptonville site deserves better.

24th October, 2013

Broomhill Green Party has submitted an objection to the proposals for a major housing development on the University of Sheffield’s … Full Story »

Little Kelham Eco Development

19th October, 2013

Dear Sir Well done to CITU, who are developing Green Lane Works, for looking after the spectacular gateway arch which has just … Full Story »

Reverse the Council’s unfair parking permit increases

15th October, 2013

Sign our petition to reverse the Council’s unfair parking permit increases. We the undersigned believe the current prices for permits … Full Story »

FSB backs supermarket levy campaign

14th October, 2013

The Federation of Small Businesses are backing our campaign for a levy on supermarket sales. The proposal would eventually result … Full Story »

Tree discussion with Professor Ian Rotherham (part 3)

13th October, 2013

Tree discussion with Professor Ian Rotherham (part 1)

13th October, 2013

“My wife and daughter walked to nursery crying.”

12th October, 2013

Packed meeting calls for better consultation on Streetsahead work

10th October, 2013

The meeting at St Mary’s community centre was packed. Professor Ian Rotherham presented his well-received talk about the importance of … Full Story »

Urban Tree Destruction

5th October, 2013

Concerned about preserving wildlife habitats in the Sheffield area? Worried about activities of Sheffield City  Council and Amey, the private … Full Story »