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Take action against Fracking

19th August, 2013

Energy companies are lining up to start fracking for shale gas throughout the UK and there are a huge number … Full Story »

Greens call for a more radical plan for the City Centre

2nd July, 2013

Sheffield Green Party  broadly welcomed the new city centre Master Plan as the consultation ended on 30 June, but says … Full Story »

Councillor Andrew Cooper answers questions from Sheffield and Rotherham Greens

15th June, 2013

Andrew Cooper for MEP

15th June, 2013

Please support the Sheffield Climate Alliance anti fracking petition

30th May, 2013

Sheffield Climate Alliance Anti-Fracking petition will be presented to Sheffield Full Council on 5 June at 2.00 – join us … Full Story »

Building our Response to the Climate Challenge-important Sheffield event.

17th May, 2013

This is an important time, with levels of CO2 in the atmosphere having hit 400 ppm of CO2. Sheffield Campaign … Full Story »

Do the Math-watch the movie here.

10th May, 2013

Do the Math: Movie Trailer

22nd April, 2013


David Garlovsky’s fuel saving tip of the week

17th April, 2013

 Turn off your microwave when not in use, as the 4 Watt LED clock is on 24 hours a day, … Full Story »

Godfrey Bloom is talking nonsense

3rd April, 2013

Dear Editor On April 2nd you published a letter from  UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom which stated that the Met Office … Full Story »

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