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Rob Unwin explains 20’s plenty

18th March, 2010

Click on the “Latest Videos” button to see Rob Unwin explain the 20’s Plenty policy to reduce accidents and create … Full Story »

20’s plenty-Rob Unwin explains

18th March, 2010

Election news

26th February, 2010

New information has just been uploaded to our Elections pages about the General Election Candidates and the Local Election Candiadates

Election coverage should be balanced.

19th January, 2010

Your article “Candidates gearing up for the polls” (14th Jan) does your readers a dis-service in completely ignoring the Green Party. Full Story »

Progress on safer streets “painfully slow”

17th January, 2010

We are pleased this important issue is to be considered by the
Highways Committee. Progress seems painfully slow. Meanwhile over 200
people are killed or seriously injured on our roads each year. Full Story »

Greens push for speed limit for a safer Sheffield

11th January, 2010

The Green Party is continuing to push for the Council to introduce a 20 mile an hour speed limit in … Full Story »

Greens call for lower traffic speeds to encourage walking

22nd December, 2009

Sheffield Green Party has told the City Council that its pedestrian strategy should emphasise the need for lower traffic speed … Full Story »

Widespread support for 20mph

22nd December, 2009

“As a parent of two small children I successfully campaigned for traffic calming on my street. But it took years. … Full Story »

How to save lives, money, jobs and the planet

26th November, 2009

What will you do to reduce the energy bill in your home as winter takes hold? Gas and electricity charges … Full Story »

Green Party backs Greenpeace incinerator occupation

25th May, 2001

Green General Election candidates Bernard Little and Rob Unwin supported the Greenpeace occupation of Bernard Road, This was in stark … Full Story »

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