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Nuclear and Carbon Capture are the wrong solutions

19th March, 2010

Dear Sir We in the Green Party have proposed and continue to promote the creation of many jobs in the … Full Story »

Green Party Budget Amendment 2010

5th March, 2010

This council: 1. Believes that the main challenges facing Sheffield, as the rest of the world, are the gross inequalities … Full Story »

Make fuel poverty a top priority

28th October, 2009

Dear Sir The report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change last week estimated that 4.6 million people are … Full Story »

Greens call for stronger action on transforming the local economy

17th August, 2009

stronger action needed to transform local economy Full Story »

Council should act quickly to implement a Green New Deal

13th June, 2009

Here is a comment from Sheffield Green Party Co-Chair David Hayes about the report from the Green New Deal conference … Full Story »

Greens applaud TUC Call for Green Jobs

20th March, 2009

The Green party has praised the TUC for calling for bold government action to set tougher environmental targets across the … Full Story »

Sheffield needs a new Economic Masterplan

10th February, 2009

Green Party councillor Bernard Little comments on today’s news that Hammerson are looking for a £582.2 million rescue package while … Full Story »

Sheffield’s Green New Deal

1st February, 2009

The Green Party has called for Sheffield to adopt a “Green New Deal” to create jobs, boost the local economy … Full Story »

Greens want £500 billion to create jobs not bail out banks

9th October, 2008

Sheffield Green Party are pressing for a “Green New Deal”, investing in jobs that will benefit us all in the … Full Story »

Greens jubilant at release of Kingsnorth 6

14th September, 2008

Sheffield Green Party is jubilant at the release of the six Greenpeace activists who scaled the existing Kingsnorth power station … Full Story »