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Poverty in Sheffield today. Saturday 29th November

19th October, 2014

Our friends at The People’s Assembly, Church Action on Poverty and Sheffield Equality have got together to organise a meeting … Full Story »

Green council motion supports 999 Call for the NHS

2nd September, 2014

Green Party councillors are calling on Sheffield City Council to support the “999 Call for the NHS” campaign in a … Full Story »

Matalan do not deserve our custom

1st August, 2014

1129 workers died when the Rana Plaza clothing factory collapsed in Bangladesh last year. Textiles and garments are Bangladesh’s biggest … Full Story »

What has Councillor Creasy been doing in March and April?

6th May, 2014

Councillor’s report March/April 2014 Instead of the diary, here is a list of my activities for the last 6 weeks. … Full Story »

Jon Ashe “An invitation to the future”.

24th March, 2013


Benefits under attack. Councillor Duncan Kerr on the Welfare Reform act.

12th January, 2013

On 9th January Councillor Duncan Kerr gave an excellent talk on the Welfare Reform Act. He showed that this is … Full Story »

Greens furious as Recycoal given go ahead.

10th January, 2013

Jenny Patient spoke at the recent Council meeting on behalf of Sheffield Campaign against Climate Change to object to the … Full Story »

A Frack-Free Future: Opposing UK’s second ‘Dash for Gas’

11th September, 2012

Sheffield Greens are invited to  the Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change AGM and Public Meeting Tuesday 16 October A Frack-Free … Full Story »

What’s the buzz at Sheffield Green Fair? 2012

5th July, 2012

Dr Jillian Creasy speaks at the Save our NHS demo

24th March, 2012