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Greens dismay at local composters losing out to multinational

5th September, 2012

Green Estate, a local enterprise, has lost the contract for  recycling the city’s green waste – prompting concerns that small, … Full Story »

Sheffield University fails on sustainability

23rd June, 2012

Sheffield Hallam has just done well to be ranked 19th out of 145 in the People & Planet Green League, up … Full Story »

Labour stifle debate on waste

18th June, 2012

The Green Party motion on waste and recycling was not debated in the Council Chamber (13th June 2012) after Labour … Full Story »

Green motion seeks to protect recycling services.

8th June, 2012

The Green Party is calling for the Labour administration to work with the GMB union and local businesses in the … Full Story »

History: 2002-the incinerator election

5th June, 2012

Greens call for a regional approach to help improve recycling.

18th October, 2011

Dear Sir Three letters about recycling (Telegraph, 13th October) raise important questions. The answers illustrate the difficulties faced by the … Full Story »

We do not want profit-driven companies dictating how our services are run.

25th September, 2011

Dear Sir Cllr Peter Moore is “horrified” that the contract he signed in 2001 means that Veolia may have been … Full Story »

Greens criticise labour for failing to halt cuts

7th March, 2011

Sheffield Green Party has criticised local Labour councillors for not taking action to safeguard vital services for vulnerable people. The … Full Story »

Greens object to importing waste

26th January, 2011

Sheffield Green Party has objected to Veolia’s planning application to import waste from surrounding authorities, and is urging others to … Full Story »

Green Party proposed giving people the choice of blue bin or box.

8th January, 2011

Dear Sir In response to Cllr Andy Sangar and Cllr Gill Furniss (Star letters, 27th and 28th December), may I … Full Story »

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