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Green Party proposed giving people the choice of blue bin or box.

8th January, 2011

Dear Sir In response to Cllr Andy Sangar and Cllr Gill Furniss (Star letters, 27th and 28th December), may I … Full Story »

Sheffield needs “future proofing”.

7th November, 2010

It’s a shame that Labour and the Lib Dems see the publishing of the Sustainable Cities report as an opportunity … Full Story »

Greens question LibDem recycling figures

12th August, 2010

The Green Party is questioning the increase in recycling rates being trumpeted by the Lib Dems. Cllr Creasy said, “We … Full Story »

Recycling scheme not thought through

6th April, 2010

Dear Editor. Mark Gamsu’s letter (Telegraph, April 1st) is asking precisely the questions about the employment and environmental impact of … Full Story »

New recycling scheme ignored Green’s advice

16th March, 2010

Dear Sir I have received complaints from people in Chapeltown where the new recycling scheme has started. They tell me … Full Story »

Green Party Budget Amendment 2010

5th March, 2010

This council: 1. Believes that the main challenges facing Sheffield, as the rest of the world, are the gross inequalities … Full Story »

Greens slam waste strategy

1st December, 2009

The Green Party has criticised the Council’s new waste strategy Full Story »

Danny Piermattei’s MBE well deserved

17th June, 2009

Dear Sir Danny Piermattei’s MBE for his work with Action for Stannington (Star 13 June) is well deserved. His organisation … Full Story »

Stop nuisance “cold calls” and junk mail

1st February, 2009

Dear Editor “Confused, Sheffield S8” (Letters 31 January) will be pleased to know the vast majority of cold calls can … Full Story »

Council should not risk £6 million on Highways PFI

21st January, 2009

Council should not risk £6 million on Highways PFI Dear Editor I’m glad the Star is prepared to raise the … Full Story »