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Welfare cuts kick in

austerityallpainnogainAs bitter cuts in welfare kick in today, 1st April 2013, we review the Green Party’s consistent opposition to the attack on the poorest households, both by central Government and by the Labour-run Council.

March 26th 2013

Greens ask Council to step up the Bedroom Tax fight

17th March 2013

Sharron Massey explains why she is protesting about the Bedroom Tax

March 16th 2013:

Graham Wroe today spoke out for the Greens at the Bedroom Tax demonstration, outside the Town Hall.

15th March 2013:

Brighton’s Green Council  policy that no tenant is to be evicted over bedroom tax

5th March 2013

Greens criticise tax rise for poorest households only


1st March 2013

Sheffield Green Party calls for fairer council budget

23rd February 2013

Ali Hayward comments on disabled people bearing the brunt of the austerity cuts

23rd January 2013

Greens oppose Labour changes to council tax benefit scheme

12th January 2013

Green Councillor Duncan Kerr from Bolsover speaks on the Government’s welfare ‘reform’ agenda

6th November 2012

Green Councillors call for action on the ‘bedroom tax’ and fairness in council tax rises.




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