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Danny Dorling addresses the Green Party Conference on Inequality

24th September, 2011


Green Party calls for the removal of ATOS from incapacity benefits assessments

10th September, 2011

Green Party calls for the removal of ATOS from incapacity benefits assessments Conference at Sheffield expresses deep concern at the … Full Story »

I want Justice for all

14th July, 2011

Jillian Creasy’s speech at the Justice for All demonstration I want Justice 4 All. The proposed cuts to Legal Aid … Full Story »

Greens criticise labour for failing to halt cuts

7th March, 2011

Sheffield Green Party has criticised local Labour councillors for not taking action to safeguard vital services for vulnerable people. The … Full Story »

Green Party budget amendment – protecting the most vulnerable

22nd February, 2011

The Green Party Councillors have revealed that they will be putting a budget amendment which protects the most vulnerable from … Full Story »

Road safety money should be targetted where it will save most lives

2nd February, 2011

Dear Editor Paul Licence doubts if Labour’s “favoured area” policy closes the poverty gap. Tragically the Liberal Democrats have taken … Full Story »

Greens condemn abolition of EMA

19th January, 2011

Local Green Councillor Jillian Creasy spoke out today against the abolition of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).  She said, “Young people will suffer because … Full Story »

Green Party fields most female candidates

2nd May, 2010

The Green Party has been shown to have a higher percentage of female election candidates than any other party in … Full Story »

Green Party calls for equal pay

3rd March, 2010

Sheffield Green Party took a motion to Full Council yesterday (March 3rd) to address the issue of pay inequality between … Full Story »

Independence campaigner visits Sheffield

1st July, 2008

Independence campaigner visits Sheffield Full Story »