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Some simple advice for George Osborne-what the budget should look like.

18th March, 2014

Download the pdf here.

Living Wage Campaign and Petition

16th September, 2013

At the People’s Assembly on Saturday Peter Davies from the GMB led an excellent workshop on the Living Wage. Sheffield … Full Story »

People’s Assembly Sheffield

13th September, 2013

Two speakers from Sheffield Green Party will be speaking at workshops at the People’s Assembly on Saturday 14th September. Jason … Full Story »

Greens call to preserve open spaces

9th September, 2013

Green Party opposes loss of open spaces in new housing developments Sheffield Green Party is arguing that the City Council’s … Full Story »

Sheffield Green Party call for the value of work to be recognised

4th September, 2013

The Resolution Foundation report into low pay in modern Britain has found that over one in five working people in Yorkshire … Full Story »

Green Party broadly welcomes Sheffield Fairness Commission report

4th February, 2013

Sheffield Green Party has broadly welcomed the Fairness Commission report  and its recommendations for action. Spokesperson Jason Leman comments : … Full Story »

Contracting out could be losing £150 million from local economy

22nd November, 2012

Research by Sheffield Green Party has found that the local economy could be losing out by £150 million because large … Full Story »

The Living Wage should apply to all

6th November, 2012

  On November 7th the Council administration will recommend that all directly employed Council staff will be paid a Living … Full Story »

International students bring goodwill and good money to Sheffield

2nd September, 2012

Jason Leman responds to the Sheffield Telegraph. Dear Editor Your front page headline stated “Overseas students forcing rent rises” (Thursday … Full Story »

Is the City of London ignorant or just plain callous?

29th October, 2011

While everyone else is struggling with cuts the FTSE 100 confirms worse fears; the rich are getting richer while everyone … Full Story »

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